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about VITAL

Hi I'm Vital.

I am a self taught artist from the west coast of Scotland & I work from my own studio.

All of my art reflects my own inner observations on life, people & my surroundings. 

Every painting is unique and it will capture a moment in time.

I create drawings in ink and oil

My favorite medium is my mind

I don't know if it's art or self mutilation

Some say it's beautiful, some say it's ugly

I'm not bothered, I'm not anything really

Barely breathing and barely living

But I will give you this one piece of advice

If you want to be alive, just let it go.

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Absolutely fantastic artist, my partner and I will definitely be keeping a close eye on your work

Simone Woods

Vital is a very talented artist - will be keeping an eye out for future art work.

Nicole Yang

Vitals work is boldly expressed & very fresh.

I love my new painting, the brushwork is impeccable! Im so glad i bought now, before collectors take notice. 

Suzanne Levis

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